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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Post Freedom Catch-up

I thought I'd do a post on the week or so after I've lost some weight on my right ankle.
Mr. C had his week off which was really nice. We went to a few local towns and explored and just walked around enjoying the fact I didn't have to rush anywhere.
We went to a cute town that's very beachy and while we were strolling around, we walked past a guy wearing an anklet!! How funny is that?! He was just casually walking around with his girlfriend ~ no rushing for him. I was so tempted to ask him how he was able to just wander around by the time I thought about it more, it would have been really weird to cross the street again and walk up behind him just to ask that. *sigh*

{coulda, woulda, shoula!!}

While we were at the beach,I was feeding Miss M in the car and Mr.C and Master O went shell hunting. They returned with a couple and 'decided to take the camera to take some nice photos' I then got a phone call from them saying Master O had found a nice shell and wanted to show me. I walked down and around the corner to see the boys sitting there, smiling nicely with the camera set up on its tripod, videoing us all. Master O held up a sign that said "Mummy, will you marry Daddy?" {My heart melted at that point} and of course I said yes!!

Since then I've been basically living on Pinterest with my new 'Wedding plans' binder clutched eagerly under my arm at all times.

Master O is preparing himself for school as he starts in a couple of months. We've been able to enrol him, set up school visits and we're off to sort out his uniform this weekend. Eeek!! 

I've been able to go to the craft shop and I now have a ton of projects to catch up on, including planning my wedding. Yay to being busy!!

Anyway, that's probably all the news for me. Thanks for the followers and people who have emailed me their support. Feel free to comment on any of my posts, I get any notifications by email so I'll be replying to anyone and everyone.

Be good you lot.

C :)