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Saturday, 18 January 2014

I Need My Eyes Checked & I've Lost My Licence

I can't see the police driving towards me until the last minute. I've always prided myself on being a fairly great cop spotter but I got caught speeding home the other day.
Once the police realise I've got demerits in the negatives, they'll be coming to cut up my licence. I'm hoping they'll do it after I'm off home d as there's less chance of them saying "Ahh fuck it. She's better off locked up"

{Positive thinking shall be my friend}

In saying that, the past 3 times I've come home I've been late. Gary is going to be SO pissed when he next comes visiting. I am shitting bricks at the thought.

{67 days to go}

Monday, 13 January 2014

The Security Visit

Gary didn't show up over the weekend so I can't of been in too much trouble. In saying that, he hasn't visited yet..

Mr. C & I have been doing more sorting out of the house over the weekend. We also followed these instructions:


& made gloop! Really good fun with Master O. We'll be making it again for sure!

Today, I went to get my blood taken again & it was so busy people were lining up outside. Not what I want to see on a time limit. I had to leave early & skip my test to get home in time.

I pulled up home & there was a security car parked in my driveway. {Shitcunt}

All was well after a bit of explaining but I think I may have got Gary in a bit of trouble.. Hmm.

{71 days to go}

Friday, 10 January 2014

I Clean In Heels

So, not tooooo much out of the ordanary has happen so far this year. I have had to start having almost daily blood tests.
Master O has gone for two long walks by himself. {Grr}

Today it seemed every fucking old person was lining up alongside me as soon as the laboratory opened.
I didn't have any minutes on my cell to be able to ring Gary so I bit the bullet & tried flying home. I failed. I was 2 minutes late. Fuck.

I got Mr. C to go see Gazza & explain the situation. Gazza likes Mr. C. He seemed okay with the whole thing but I guess we'll see if I get a visit before the next due one on Monday.

That's pretty much it really. I've started some anti depressants. Which makes my blog writing really shitty as I'm not as blunt & sarcastic as usual. The happy pills make me want to clean which is really fucking weird. I also never usually wear heels. Being 6 ft I hardly see the point. But then I remembered a blog I read a little while ago which was some feminist who was ranting about a woman's right to wear heels & that it shouldn't matter on her height or whatever so to just wear the damn heels.

{I really hate feminists}

Nonetheless, I see her point so I've started wanting to wear heels. I currently walk in heels the same way a newborn calf walks. Not hot. So I've started cleaning the house in heels. One way to practice I guess!

{74 days to go}

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years

Isn't it funny how every couple have their own unique things they do?

Before I had Miss M, Mr C, Master O & I went for a late night drive once Master O had fallen asleep. We went & got take-away & parked up at a beach lookout in our track pants reading funny online things & watching the stars through the sunroof. It was our ideal romantic night.

Don't get me wrong, I love occasionally going out to dinner & being the stereotypical romantic couple but it's certainly the simple things in life.

After I stop having this tracking device attached to me, we're wanting to take a week away from our home. I'm unsure where we'll go but I'm already looking forward to it.

Until then we'll stick to doing our own unique romantic things like having a shower together then scoffing junk food down whilst playing xbox, naked.

Mr C goes back to work in a weeks time so I'm treasuring the time as much as I can. I need to tell him how much he means to me more often.

{Enough of the cute shit}

While I'm trapped I plan to sort out a couple of rooms in my house & start studying more.
Who knows what the new year will bring. For New Years eve, we did fuck all. It was very dull. Next year will be different.

On that note, Happy New Years bitches.

{83 days to go}