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Monday, 13 January 2014

The Security Visit

Gary didn't show up over the weekend so I can't of been in too much trouble. In saying that, he hasn't visited yet..

Mr. C & I have been doing more sorting out of the house over the weekend. We also followed these instructions:


& made gloop! Really good fun with Master O. We'll be making it again for sure!

Today, I went to get my blood taken again & it was so busy people were lining up outside. Not what I want to see on a time limit. I had to leave early & skip my test to get home in time.

I pulled up home & there was a security car parked in my driveway. {Shitcunt}

All was well after a bit of explaining but I think I may have got Gary in a bit of trouble.. Hmm.

{71 days to go}

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