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Friday, 10 January 2014

I Clean In Heels

So, not tooooo much out of the ordanary has happen so far this year. I have had to start having almost daily blood tests.
Master O has gone for two long walks by himself. {Grr}

Today it seemed every fucking old person was lining up alongside me as soon as the laboratory opened.
I didn't have any minutes on my cell to be able to ring Gary so I bit the bullet & tried flying home. I failed. I was 2 minutes late. Fuck.

I got Mr. C to go see Gazza & explain the situation. Gazza likes Mr. C. He seemed okay with the whole thing but I guess we'll see if I get a visit before the next due one on Monday.

That's pretty much it really. I've started some anti depressants. Which makes my blog writing really shitty as I'm not as blunt & sarcastic as usual. The happy pills make me want to clean which is really fucking weird. I also never usually wear heels. Being 6 ft I hardly see the point. But then I remembered a blog I read a little while ago which was some feminist who was ranting about a woman's right to wear heels & that it shouldn't matter on her height or whatever so to just wear the damn heels.

{I really hate feminists}

Nonetheless, I see her point so I've started wanting to wear heels. I currently walk in heels the same way a newborn calf walks. Not hot. So I've started cleaning the house in heels. One way to practice I guess!

{74 days to go}

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