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Saturday, 22 February 2014

How To: Make An Impressive Brownie

^ Just look it that goodness. {It oozes yummyness}

Right. You'll need;

~ 115 grams of butter
~ 1 cup of white sugar
~ A 1/4 of a cup of cocoa
~ About 1/2 a tsp vanilla essence
~ 2 eggs
~ A ¾ of a cup of flour
~ A ¼ a cup of choc chips
~ A packet of chocolate melts

- In a medium sized saucepan, melt butter over a medium heat
- While the butter is melting, now's your chance to line a brownie tin. Do so, then get out those chocolate melts and line the bottom of the tray with them.
- Mix all ingredients into the butter in order listed above until combined.
- Pour half of the mixture over the melts & sprinkle melts on the mixture, randomly will do. 
- Pour the rest of the mixture over the melts & be sure to cover the melts completely.
- Bake at 180degrees for 20-30 mins or until top starts to crack.

Enjoy this goodness. I think they're the most amazing treat that could ever exist.

{32 days to go}

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