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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How To: Dress Accordingly

Since there's only a week to go until I'm free, I thought I'd do a post about what not to wear on your feet when you have an anklet attached to you.

Being on home detention, you can't really dress as normal as you would if you didn't have a device strapped to your leg. ~ Unless you don't give a fuck about what people think. If you don't care then you may as well stop reading now. If you do care, feel free to carry on. :-)

There's been a few appointments and such I've had to attend in the past few months which means I usually have to leave the comfort of my home and talk to strangers. I don't mention the anklet to most of them but the people I have had to tell, have been surprisingly okay with it.

{My doctor even feels sorry for me}
It's a bit hard to not mention it to a lot of people as I still have to get the absence slips signed. To the people who seem like they'd be judgemental
~ you can just tell ~ I just say that it's for work & if they give me that look like they want to know more, I say it's so my boss knows how much to cut out of my pay.

**No wonder I have deception charges**

Anyway, I hardly want to be going around the town screaming I'm on home detention.

So here's a quick guide as to what you should and {probably} shouldn't wear to town.

~ If you're wanting to go all boho, then that's fine! I just suggest that you wear a long maxi dress to cover those bare tootsies.

~ Being beachy is also fine also but it's a little hard to disguise an anklet wearing shorts and jandals/thongs/flip flops. So you're on your own with that one.. Maybe wear some dark sunglasses so you can catch all the people looking at you. You are on home detention & they probably don't know what for so who's to say it's not for being aggressive...? ~ Sarcasm. I'm not suggesting you act accordingly to said starers. 

Don't note the nail polish and shoes combo!
Horrid look, I know!

~ Being at home for some of the appointments I have, I still usually don't want to tell my visitors what's happening in my life so I will sometimes cover up my feet by wearing slippers. {Embrace that stay~at~home~mum image} Since it's been summer for the sentence, slippers aren't always ideal so a simple pair of long jeans will do the trick. Usually once the visitors leave I can go back to whatever I was wearing before they've arrived.

~ If you're more into heels and a pencil skirt, there's not that great of news for you.

If anybody out there has to wear stockings and an anklet
I feel sorry for you!! They're a mission.

~ But heels and jeans can be pulled off fairly well.

~ Wanna go for the farmer look? Ideal.

~ In my opinion, these are the most ideal shoes for keeping your privacy when it comes to the hiding of the feet challenge;

~ The final thing I can suggest is; even though they're cool {& I totally can't blame you for wanting to show them off to people} it's probably not the best decision to wear such attention grabbing leggings as these. {Unless you're at the IDGAF stage. If so, I'm surprised you're still reading this far down!}

Does anyone have any ideas for others who may become in this predicament?
{Let me know, comment below!}

You can of course be as fashionable as you want. Embrace your inner style and just wear whatever the fuck makes you happy, for fucks sake!

Next time you're out walking around your town, slow down and admire the place. Be thankful you are able to slow down and just enjoy the world {not just out of your kitchen window} Also have a little think about how odd it is to think that there could be somebody on house arrest walking past you at any given time. I often wonder how people would react to me if I didn't hide my anklet. I'm sure I'd get a lot of filthy looks.

This is a longer post then I expected it to be! Sorry guys.

{7 days to go. Eeek}

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