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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Holy Fuck

Look at me, new to this blogging shit & doing two posts in a day. I'll be a pro in no time.

Anyway, I have never been so stressed in my life.
It started with me being 20 minutes late to my Doctors appointment. By the time I left, I should have already left 10 minutes earlier. Fuckballs. My GPS told me that no matter how much I fly home, we are still going to be 5 minutes late home.

{5 minutes late = My ass in the slammer}

I called Gazza & explained my situation. He seemed awfully jolly for someone so fucked off earlier. Nonetheless, I didn't wanna push it.
Miss M (The baby) & I flew home.
It turns out, with my flying & some miracle timing, I got home with 2 whole minutes to spare. According to my home detention unit anyway. My cell was saying otherwise. Shitcunt. I must change that.

To top my afternoon off, my washing machine just shat itself mid wash. Fuck.
What a day.

{Still 112 days to go}

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