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Tuesday, 24 December 2013


As I sit here on my treadmill eating M & M's, I reflect on the past couple of weeks. They've been interesting. Different. Great. 

I've caught up with family I rarely see, found out I have an elderly, nudist neighbour who likes to garden, I've eaten too much crappy food & dealt with more tantrums from Master O than I can count. 

My Gramma came visiting with my parents & sister. That was an amazing few days. I really love my Gramma. But she seems depressed which is beyond heartbreaking. Money & sickness is the devil of all problems. Her sister, my Great Aunt came visiting while my Gramma was here. That was one of the only few times my Gramma looked genuinely happy. Miss M is named after those two ladies and I really hope she grows up inspired by them. Their nature, personality, sense of humour, willingness to adapt to any situation, & their general naughtiness is what I love most. 

My Mum told Gramma about the ankle bracelet on their way up. Gramma was good about it. It was up to her to tell the Great Aunt. She too was great about it & they quickly started suggesting ways we could slip my leg out without getting caught.

{Insert the naughtiness I just mentioned}

This was the first time I've seen my parents since being on Home Detention & so it was interesting to see their reactions. Dad instantly made a joke & Mum was starting to think of ways to decorate it.

She finally twisted my arm.

Although I was the butt of most jokes, I really enjoyed everyone's company & hope I see everyone a lot more often.

It sucks balls living so far away from all family & most friends. 

I think there needs to be some major changes {for the good} in 2014. 
This past year has had its ups but its mainly had its downs & I'm fucking sick of it to be frank. 

Happy New Year bitches.

I've just noticed the dates and my countdown don't match. Thanks to the messed up different time zones. It makes sense to me so don't go by dates.

{91 days to go. Phew}

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